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Who Are We?

Northeast Express Transportation, Inc., is a family-owned company that has been providing both on-call and routed services to the Connecticut business community since 1954 through its NEXT-Courier and NEXT-Distribution divisions. Our client base includes major banks and financial institutions, utilities and manufacturers as well as a variety of small businesses.

We pick up, deliver and distribute everything from packages to pallets with a fleet of nearly 100 vehicles operating daily throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York.

We also provide warehousing services through our immaculately kept 18,000 square foot facility in Windsor Locks, Connecticut and a cross-dock operation in Chicopee, MA.

Next Courier

Northeast Express delivery services warehouse

What can we do for you ?

Do you need someone to provide your inter-office/branch transportation needs

NEXT-Courier has the drivers on the road to accommodate your needs and schedule with excellent service at a reasonable price.

Do you need someone in Connecticut who can store and deliver your product?

We at NEXT-Courier have the technology and experience to design and implement the optimum structure to fit your business in the most efficient and cost effective way.

These are just some of the ways NEXT-Courier may be able to help you, so when you are looking for someone to handle your company's  transportation requirements, NEXT time call us.

Next Courier
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