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  Northeast Express Transportation, Inc's Employment Opportunities  

Thank you for your interest in becoming a sub-contractor for Northeast Express Transportation, Inc.  We have offered quality transportation service to our customers for many years.  In order to ensure a continuation of this quality service, all of our independent contractors must supply NEXT with the following information:

  1. A completed sub-contractor application  (click here)
  2. A signed background check release form  (click here)
  3. A copy of your current drivers license
  4. A copy of the registration of the vehicle you will be using to complete your NEXT route
  5. A copy of your current certificate of insurance
  6. A driving history from the Department of Motor Vehicles
  7. Each sub-contractor is required to take a drug test.  The test will cost you $25.00. 
    This will be refunded to you in your first commission check pending a negative drug test results.
  8. Each sub-contractor MUST have a cell phone with them at all times while on route. 
    You are required to keep NEXT informed of any changes in your cell phone number.
  9. If you are to be driving a vehicle where a medical card is required, NEXT must be given a current medical card copy
  10. All sub-contractors are required to be in uniform.  This will be explained to you
  11. All sub-contractors sign a one-year contract with NEXT
    The terms and conditions of this contract are clearly stated within the body of the contract.
  12. You must have established yourself as a business entity. You must provide proof in writing that this has been done. Commission checks are issued in company name.

          If you require additional information, please call us at (800) 508-6398  or 
        e-mail Donna Hammond at

           Printable forms below:

             Employment Application ( Page I & II)

             Employment Background Check                                   Potential Sub-Contractor Requirements

           NOTE:  Above files are in Adobe Acrobate's PDF format. You need Adobe Reader in order to view them 

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